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Artegiro Artists Collaborations, Courses and Residencies


Artegiro Artists Collaborations, Courses and Residencies

Artegiro organizes an annual artist residency in Europe.

The aim is to provide artists with the opportunity to work in an inspiring, stimulating environment and to meet other artists. The possibility to hold an exhibition in the last period  of the residency is given to each participant.


Artegiro Artist residency 2010 

We are pleased to announce that the recipient of the Artegiro Art Residency in 2010, for the period June- August 2010 is Melbourne based artist, Emily Humphries, (www.emilyhumphries.com)

Painting by Emily Humphries:  Tiger drives the wheel , Oil on linen -76cm x 61cm.


For any queries about the Artegiro annual residency please contact Artegiro with a brief CV and outline of your project for the specific time you wish to spend in Europe: email: artegirofineart at gmail.com

  Other collaborations

Residencies are not the only form of collaboration Artegiro offers to artists.

As Artegiro's role is to promote Australian art in Europe first of all, specific projects are considered to that end in close negotiation with the artist. 

In June-July 2009, Artegiro, in collaboration with AILAE ( www.ailae.org) has contributed to organize for artist Jonathan Kimberley (http://www.bettgallery.com.au/artists/kimberley/index.htm) a period of work and research in Italy at the Centro Camuno Di Studi Preistorico, Valcamonica, Italy and an exhibition in Bari, June 2009.

To find out more about collaborations with Artegiro please contact us via email at : artegirofineart at gmail.com