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Artegiro Summer 2011


Artegiro’s Summer presents to its international network of artists, gallery visitors and participants to its events a number of outstanding opportunities to celebrate art!

See below for a quick glance at the various summer happenings :

Kavisha Mazzella ( Australia) Love& Sorrow-CD Launch 22|7 Libreria del Teatro, Viterbo , 23 |7 Artegiro, Montefiascone VT

Josephine Telfer ( Australia) Diffusion – Video Art 24 |7 to 1 |8 Artegiro , Montefiascone

Lazzaro Ciccolella ( Italy) Tropos V.2.1 26|7, Est Film Festival* midnight, Dopofestival, Montefiascone

The 2011 AAEP event: Alexander Nettelbeck ( Australia) and Lazzaro Ciccolella ( Italy) in Tropos V.2.1. 3 |8  8:00pm-10:00pm, Molfetta

The 2011 Artegiro Artist Residency Recipient Exhibition: Llewellyn Skye Chapman ( Australia) in Sugar, An installation 3 |8 to 30|9 @Artegiro Contemporary Art Space and in Conzano , Alessandria


Kavisha Mazzella (Australia) Love& Sorrow-CD Launch 22 July Libreria del Teatro, Viterbo & 23 July Artegiro, Montefiascone; after launch at VolodiVino, Montefiascone Musician and folk singer Kavisha Mazzella launches her new CD Love & Sorrow (recipient of the 2011 National Film and Sound Archive National Folk Recording Award) in Italy, in two stages.

An encounter and CD presentation concert at Libreria del Teatro, next to the Viterbo Teatro dell’Unione on Friday 22d July at 9pm and a CD presentation concert at Artegiro, Montefiascone, on Sat,23 July at 9pm with an after concert at VolodiVino ( Montefiascone) at around 10pm.

Come and meet the Queen of Australian Folk ! (The new CD will be sold at a special launch reduced price).

Josephine Telfer (Australia) Diffusion – Video from July 24 to August 1 , Artegiro, Montefiascone

Visual artist Josephine Telfer screens her stunning video, Diffusion, within the Sub-Limen art event, during the annual Artegiro screening of art movies taking place during the Est Film Festival in Montefiascone.

Diffusion is being shown in Italy for the first time after its screening at the Stephen McLaughlin Gallery, Melbourne. The images shift slowly from one image to another, involving the viewer in a journey through an imagined space. The original images were taken in Halong Bay, Vietnam, and further developed in Photoshop and Premiere. The music has been composed by German composer Daniel Diestelkamp. The images in the video merge slowly into each other; the sounds of the music appear to reverberate between the seventeen hundred islands in Halong Bay, in Vietnam, half way between Australia and Europe.

Llewellyn Skye Chapman ( Australia) Sugar- Paintings&Installation from August 3d to September 30, Artegiro, Montefiascone

Sydney painter Llewellyn Skye Chapman, recipient of the 2011 Artegiro Artist Residency, presents the outcome of her ambitious artist residency project Sugar \\\\ Zucchero. Sugar investigates a little discussed page of Australian and Italian common history, the Italian migration to the sugar cane plantations in the Ingham region, in Tropical Queensland. Llewellyn Skye has interviewed recorded sounds, painted, photographed Italian migrants and their surroundings in the Ingham region. The migrants, now in their advanced years, offered their stories and personal accounts, shared their hopes and their life dreams, showed or gave copies of old photographs. Skye has provided, with her characteristic strong expressive oil paintings and an evocative powerful installation, a unique insight in the adventure of a generation, its life, hopes and discoveries. The exhibit will travel to Conzano, in the Italian region of Piedmont, where many migrants left from to go to Ingham. The exhibition includes work developed by the artist in Italy during her residency, as she had planned, thus balancing the vision and perception of the reality she wishes to offer us.

2011 Artegiro Australian Encounters Program

This year in August, the renowned Australian Jazz musician Alexander Nettelbeck and Italian electronic musician Lazzaro Ciccolella will participate in the Artegiro Australian Encounters program (AAPE) for 2011.

Please find the details of this collaboration here.

Tropos V.2.1

da Seikilos a Stravinsky passando (forse) dai Beatles, giochi di manipolazioni musicali e sensoriali

Alexander Nettelbeck (piano) Lazzaro Nicolò Ciccolella (computer)

ore 20 conferenza con interazioni informatico musicali dal titolo: Arte performativa tra strumenti acustici e nuove tecnologie\\\'

ore 22 concerto Il concerto sarà dedicato a Salvatore Pappagallo, musicista e didatta recentemente scoparso a cui tutta la città di Molfetta deve un grande tributo.

Il gemellaggio tra l\\\'artista australiano (americano di nascita) Alexander Nettelbeck e Lazzaro Nicolò Ciccolella è stato promosso da Artegiro.

Alexander Nettelbeck Pianist, keyboardist, composer and producer,

Alexander Nettelbeck has recorded and performed in Australia, Europe, Asia and New Zealand with a diverse variety of artists including Kate Ceberano, Ju Ju Space Jazz, Triple J unearthed winner, Vassy, Pete Hemsley’s Sons Of Invention, Aleeoop! Isis Ashton, Conrad Henderson and Deni Hines. A graduate of the Victorian College Of The Arts, Melbourne, Alexander’s original compositions have featured in dance/ theatre productions, in film& television including just-released feature documentary \\" Music Of The Brain\\", Network Seven\\\'s ‘All Saints’ and radio throughout the world.

Lazzaro Nicolò Ciccolella

From \\\'96 working in multimedia production. In 2000 he won a scholarship to study at the \\\'Centro Tempo Reale\\\' in Florence directed by Maestro Luciano Berio. Here he studied computer music with Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, Thierry Coduis, Michele Tadini, and many others great musicians and sound designers. Finished the course with the highest valuation began collaborating with the Center working for several years teaching and developing educational and music software. Currently conducts a personal research as composer and multimedia author using data flow management software as \\"pure data\\" and gem and enjoys to build interactive musical software interface that uses in live performances and workshops.

What is The Artegiro Australian Encounters Program

The Artegiro Australian Encounters Program, which may encompass the Artegiro Artist Residency, is tailored to the specific needs of Australian artists wishing to spend a significant period of time in Europe, especially in Italy or France, to either undertake a period of study or of work in either or both countries. The ArteGiro philosophy encourages encounters between groundbreaking schools of thought, art forms and artists and scholars from Europe and Australia in particular. Therefore its aim is to facilitate such exchanges as well as production of art work during the residency. Another objective is to facilitate performances and public encounters or hold exhibitions of visual artist\\\'s work either during the period of the residency or later. The ArteGiro Australian Encounter Program facilitates encounters between Australian artists in particular with relevant European agencies, artists, theatres, institutions and galleries in Italy as well as visits depending on the artist\\\'s work and projects. The closeness to the most vibrant music and visual art hubs, art centres and museums makes it particularly possible to access first class resources such as some major European contemporary art figures and events.

Participating artists

ARIA Award recipient and 2011 OAM Kavisha Mazzella has been supported by the AAPE for her My Soul Journey Tour in 2010 in Central Italy (www.kavisha.com) and her launch of her new CD in 2011 Love & Sorrow; Australian painter and film master student Emily Humphries, 2010 Artegiro Artist Residency recipient has benefited from the program between March and September 2010 (www.emilyhumphries.com); Sculptor Jane Creenaune (Melbourne) has been hosted by Artegiro and Monash University Prato Centre for 6 weeks from 30 May 2011 (http://www.visualartist.info/visualartist/artist/?artistId=1506); Painter Llewellyn Skye (Sydney) has been awarded the 2011 Artegiro Artist Residency from end June 2011 to mid August 2011(http://www.llewellynskye.com/);

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