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Artegiro Workshop Series


The first of the 2018 Artegiro Workshop Series takes place in Orvieto,Italy between the 25/1 and 28/1 2018.

Dr. An Paenhuysen will conduct two and half days of a fascinating experiment where art is not treated as an activity that provides answers.

In fact, art rather asks questions. Art writing, being about artwork, it engages the world through art.  And this is Artegiro's main goal after all.

in the workshop with curator and critic An Paenhuysen, contemporary art and contemporary writing will be explored hands-on, literally, with exercises in writing and thinking.

As An likes to say: " we loosen up the sound of our hands in order to develop a confident voice" . 1920's theatre critic Dorothy Parker once said, " creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye". Realizing this, the workshop's aim is sharpening and shaping both imagination and skill. The two half days workshop is praxis-oriented, including writing assignments always followed-up by personal feedback.

The workshop is also a holiday retreat in magnificent Orvieto, in Northern Central Italy.

Visits to Orvieto' s museum, historic sites and the enchanting Duomo are offered, as well as a day at the Saturnia spa.

Meetings with local artists are scheduled. The workshop in fact is also an opportunity for writing, discussing, with guests artists and art writers.

It is a unique opportunity indeed, a chance to work with an international group ( min 9 - max 15) and an experienced inspiring writer and teacher like An Paenhuysen.

For bookings and payment see below.

The actual program will unfold over three sessions.

First Session:

The Basics of Art Criticism | Thursday 25 January 15 – 17.30  Although the art critic is no longer on the Power 100 list of the art world, art criticism is still essential to the development of a dynamic and vibrant art scene and tradition. In this class, we will look at what we want art criticism to do and before we start to write critically, we will see what we can learn from reading critically. - What is art criticism? - Description versus critical analysis? - The parameters of good art.

Second Session:

Embodied Art Writing | Friday 26 January 10 – 13.00 / 15 – 17.30  Sometimes art critics seem to hover in the air while writing about art, taking up a neutral position. In this session we look at “embodied art writing,” which means that we include ourselves not only in the experience of art but also in the writing about it. - Subjectivity and objectivity in art critical thinking - The politics of language - Embodied writing.

Third Session:

Creative Art Writing | Saturday 27 January 10 – 13.00 / 15 - 17.30  Art criticism can be considered a literary genre too, at times even a form of poetry. In this session, we explore what we can learn from fiction and explore art criticism as multimedia writing. If you change the form of your writing, will content follow suit? – Objectivity and analysis - The sound of your hand - Art, fiction and poetry.

An Paenhuysen.

An Paenhuysen is a freelance curator, art writer and educator living in Berlin. An is a lecturer of art writing and cultural theory at Node Center for Curatorial Studies. He curatorial work started at Hamburger Bahnhof in 2009, co-curating an exhibition of Paul Pfeiffer and, in 2010, together with Wolfgang Müller the exhibition Pause. Valeska Gert: Bewegte Fragmente. Recently An curated the show Up and Down at KINDL - Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin. She studied cultural history at the University of Leuven, Belgium, where obtained a PhD (publication in Dutch on the cultural criticism of the Belgian avant-garde in the 1920s). As a post-doc fellow researching on Berlin 1920s urban photography at UC Berkeley, Columbia University New York and Humboldt-University Berlin An later shifted her attention onto the contemporary art world. An is also a guide at the Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum of Contemporary Art, Berlin where her favourite artist in the collection is Andy Warhol.

An is a keen blogger on Art and Berlin and you cna read her blog here: http://anpaenhuysen.de/Blog. Website: http://anpaenhuysen.de/

Practical Info:

Bookings by 19/12/2017

Payment : via Paypal or funds transfer ( contact us via email for payment details) or pay here, (indicating in the PayPal ChekcOut Creative Writing Workshop under Description and euros 450 under Price per Item) 


 Where : Sala Residenza La Magnolia, Orvieto | Visits: thursday 25 january morning Orvieto | Sunday 28 january Saturnia spa |

Costs:  for accommodation (4 nights, thursday to sunday included), transport for visits, visits, spa entry and tuition : 450 euros |

Food and transport : at participants cost.

Contacts and information: www.artegiro.com | artegiro@artegiro.com | +39 347 2972848

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