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Call for Artists Artegiro Artist Residency 2016


Call For Artists, Artegiro Artist Residency 2016. Deadline November 30

In 2010, Artegiro established an annual residency for international artists where the artist spends a period of 4 to 6 weeks in Italy, studying and producing new work. Since 2012, the residency takes place in Villa Vidua, Conzano Monferrato, (Alessandria), North West Italy. From 2016 the residency is conducted in collaboration with the COCOAA Project.

The residency offers artists accommodation, working space, curatorial assistance for presenting their work in an exhibition, compilation of an online catalogue. In exchange, in negotiation with Artegiro, the artist interacts with the community offering either a workshop or a performance (depending on the artist focus), or a lecture.

The program is designed to provide opportunities to meet and network with other artists and significant art centers, galleries and museums. A close collaboration with Artegiro Contemporary Art is expected, as well as an opening to the local community. It is requested that the artist may keep a journal, visual and textual.

For further information, please go to attached document ( p.1,2,3) or refer to:


Alternatively, contact us at artegiro at artegiro.com

IMAGE: Artegiro Artist Residency 2013, Conzano: German artist Schmimo at work in Villa Vidua.

Deadline November 30 2015

Scarica L'allegato