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Catalogue for Every work of art is uncommitted crime.


The catalogue of the curatorial project Artegiro will present at MIA Fair 2015 is now finally online! ( low resolution)

The presentation departs from the Expo 2015 themes.

MIA Fair 2015 has in fact chosen to make them available to galleries for their curatorial projects.

Our presentation reflects a critical curatorial spirit, just as Adorno's statement which has contributed to inspired it.

Adorno statement, that has then become the actual title of our installation, in reality is almost for us an open question, a chance to redefine

our present and our future.

Please contact us to gather more information or to access the English translation of some of the texts

( curatorial outline is present in English and Italian)-

 About the catalogue:

Since the copy accessible via this link is low resolution do contact us if you wish to purchase a printed copy of the catalogue ( euro 10 plus postage) 

The catalogue has been compiled by Renata Summo-O'Connell | layout and graphics by Beatrice Davies, Berlin.

IMAGE: Marina Cavazza ( 2012) Sineddoche Series

Scarica L'allegato