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Announcing the 2020 Artegiro Artists in Residence


At ten years from the first Artegiro Artist Residency, we are very pleased to announce the two artists in residence for 2020:

Constanza Villarreal ( May 2020) and Ulderico DI Domenico ( June 2020)

Constanza Villarreal, from Argentina, living in Rome, https://www.casatelier.org/ is a multimedia artist who works with textile, ceramic and paper, and discovers in the domestic context and ordinary life situations, a departure from where to explore the poetics of the everyday. In her words:

"They constitute the starting point from where I explore notions of dwelling.  The interest I have in the space we inhabit and in how we inhabit it, comes from my own life experiences, especially that of migration and motherhood. I started working with old home linens, found, given or inherited, treating and whitening them to create a reclaimed surface to work on. Stains, tears and other signs of use "populate" them, like forgotten steps across a landscape, conveying a sense of temporary presence. To all these traces, i have added mine. Over time, staining and mark making, became a staple of my visual language. I work with water media, and create inks from the landscapes I come across. Burnt remains from a wild fire, botanical and domestic remainders or rusted urban objects found on the street, run across my work, transformed into pigments of unique colour and luminosity".

Ulderico Di Domenico, ( Italy), lives and works in Naples, https://ulderico.jimdo.com/, is a performing artist and painter, and by his own definition, an artist who regards "art not as a decoration, but an offensive and defensive tool". He is ambassador of the Berlinapoli international art event, co-founder of Area, and founder of Artestesa. He has participated in many collaborations and in the occupation "Tienamment", an independent cultural and artistic centre. Please check also https://artegirovirtual.wordpress.com/ to get to know Ulderico's work.

 IMAGE CREDITS: Artist Laura Bartolomei in her Orvieto performance of Studio sull'Amore, her residency project, ( Artegiro Artist Residency 2014)- PHOTO BY ANGELO BRUNO, 2015.