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Presentation Decolonize! at Le Murate PAC Firenze


The research project Decolonize! Art, curatorial and critical practices in contemporary times, became an ebook in 2018, published by Artegiro Publishing,ISBN 9788828318866.

This 7 March 2019 at 5.30 pm, at Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea, in Florence, Italy,  Rosa Jijon, Monica Sassatelli, Renata Summo-O'Connell, Roberta Trapè will discuss this collective endeavour, unique for its approach as well as its style.

Valentina Gensini, Director of Murate PAC and Giulia Casartelli, Curator and researcher, Università Nazionale e Capodistriana di Atene, will introduce the publication.

During the presentation, we will establish remote connection with two of the authors Susanne Schoenberg in Germany and Ilze Petroni in Argentina.

Thanks to an independant international collaboration between artists, curators and scholars promoted by Artegiro Contemporary Art, a reflection has been produced around art today, often articulated between artists and curators thinking aloud as it were, drawing together images that conjure a possible reality as well as an actual reflection over what we confront today as critics, curators and artists in a rather complex world.

It is a world where boundaries matter as much as they exist in the imaginary and imagined communities, more than the actual experience of artistic life, and where the collective effort of Decolonize! is rigorous but also playful, proposing a new way to think and do art together.

In a world where borders, postcolonial legacies, and conflicts flow also into the cultural experience, this bunch of authors and artists has decided to discuss their experiences and their vision of current practices offering a contemporary, raw, inspiring and inspired course of action.

Le Murate PAC is in Piazza delle Murate, along Via dell'Agnolo, Firenze, Italy  





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