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Artegiro @ Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Corso Regio Parco, 134/A, Torino


 Photissima Art Fair and Festival launch this year a challenge a theme for reflection to the art world : Time Out.

 The theme intends to highlight the debate around what is art and what is not in photography.

At the same time it launches a provocatory notion: the very intention to place a divide points out to the reality that such divides are just not there. The true debate is around the coexistence of multiple varieties of expressions in photography.

Photissima, now at its fourth edition, is the first and only Italian event built up as both a fair and a festival entirely dedicated to the art of photography.

Artegiro participates this year to the fair with artists Giulio Rimondi and Salvatore Calì as well as to the festival with three new installations..

Giulio Rimondi' body of work, Beirut Nocturne, will be presented with various works. The Charta book with the same title will be also available in the Artegiro stand. Part of Salvatore Calì's collection Shapeshifter is available in stand 17 where Artegiro Contemporary Art will be.

Three installations will be presented in the festival section:

Varsavia Blues by artists Pasquale Altieri, John Phillips, Rossella Gatti),

Un Malheur Meveilleux by Flavia Tronti ,

Shapeshifter / L'Attesa by Salvatore Calì.

For contacts to join us at the Photissima Art Fair & Festival please refer to: http://www.photissima.it/contact-us/

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