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 The first act of Artegiro Publishing is a follow up to the first Decolonize! forum held in 2016 in Conzano, Italy, an international workshop organized and promoted by Artegiro and COCOAA, an art event held for three editions in that Piedmontese region.

The collective endeavour has emerged of a choice to pursue "forms ever new", realizing that theory takes the form of theatre. As we wanted to avoid the sharp choice between literary fiction and scientific styles, we experimented as artists, curators, critics, thus our contributions are mainly textual and visual, although some authors have chosen to present their argument solely on a visual level.

The multimedia ebook, Decolonize! Art, curatorial and critical practices in contemporary times, ISBN 9788828318866, is available through all ebook stores imaginable, from Amazon, to Kindle, from Apple iBook Stores to Kobo, Scribd, Bajalibros, Overdrive, El Corte Ingles, Indie Bound, Gandhi, Feltrinelli, Art Civic, etc etc.


Please consult the attached file for details regarding the authors and the materials presented.

Scarica L'allegato