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Full Artegiro Artist Residency, October 2011


Full Artegiro Artist Residency 2011

It is our pleasure to announce the recipient of the Full Artegiro Artist Residency, Lucille Nobleza, an accomplished Australian artist whose forms of expression go from ceramics to photography.

 Lucille Nobleza

Ceramics is a personal medium due to it's tactility, the interaction between the clay an the artist, the inner soul has been exposed through a concrete form. Over several conferences and symposiums, across two continents, leading international artists have allowed Lucille into that intimate space for this project.

With her ability to make others comfortable and at ease, these artists set about creating miniature pieces, something of themselves, personal. Being relaxed, and having faith that Lucille's imagery would not dishonour them or their work, she was able to capture each artist in a moment of intimate spontaneity, that portrayed aspects of their personality. Having them not only create a small piece, but also photographing the art on their body creates a bond between the artist and medium.

Because they were comfortable giving Lucille the time and space to capture these moments, a viscera was gained – a new essence to the pieces. The photographs and the artworks, combined, give insight into the artists hearts. Lucille's innate ability to read people, coupled with making them feel relaxed with her genuine nature, with years of experience in photography and ceramics, allowed the images to jump at the camera.

Being in an informal environment making it all the more so candid and personal.Photography was not the end unto itself, it was a tool to find the connection between them and their work, art within art – a mirror.

Scarica L'allegato